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What is Beauty?

Well, that depends on who you ask. If you ask ten people, you’ll get ten different answers! Still, mass media paints a vivid picture of complete unflawed beauty and sets this as the standard for our society. Is this reality?

There have been countless movements for true beauty, and although temporarily successful, mainstream media seems to dominate and relapse. We put on an excessive amount of makeup, airbrush and photoshop pictures, and even get plastic surgery, because we were told that this is what makes you look beautiful. And we carelessly accepted it. The pressure to do more and more to improve continues. There are many of us who do not meet these deceiving and impractical standards, and we left feeling insecure and broken. 

I’ve always struggled with my flawed self.  One day it's, "my ears stick out too far and my nose is too big.” The next day is, "my teeth aren’t straight enough.” I’m always buying and using some product to make my face look younger, smoother, less blemished…less flawed. I’m not saying some of these are not helpful! I just feel like it’s this up hill battle and I’m tired of it. 

The mainstream media will continue to choke us with their unattainable standards. Maybe we just have to figure out how to live with it and ourselves as we are. My damages and flaws are what collectively make me beautiful. It's time to accept what we are....just beautifully damaged.

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