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What is beauty?  How do you define it?  If you ask ten people I bet you will get ten different answers.  Yet, modern and social media steer our perspectives as to how beauty is defined.   And we carelessly accept it.  Flawless as some would say.  But is this reality?  Is this actually attainable?  No.  We all have flaws. Some more than others. These flaws are where we need to find our strengths.  It is where we need to find our beauty. 

How do we find strength in our flaws?  Sounds like an oxymoron. But, the mental and physical flaws we have attained thoughout our life's journey are what make us unique.  No experience is perceived the same. No two scars are alike.  These flaws are mementos of our background.  A background that with each hardship we grew.  We grew stronger and we grew wiser.  This is what makes us unique.  This is what makes us stronger and this is what makes us beautiful. 

So, let your flaws be your strength.  Don't just be damaged.  Be beautifully damaged.


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